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4 channel 28G Pattern Generator released.

Stand Alone clock source in micro housing released.

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Date: 28 Jan - 29 Jan 2015
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Date: 24-26 Mar 2015
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Date: 08-10 Apr 2015
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Date: 28-30 Sep 2015
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"Among the affordable 4x28G BERTs this has the best signal and the lowest price. And I evaluated several" says LUCEO's customer, an AOC maker.

The module is compatible with LUCEO's PARALLEX® platform.

If mainframe and clock source are already there, just plug in the 4x28 modules.

One module contains 4 channels each running up to 28Gbit/s. This is an ideal base for upgrading to 400G easily anytime just by plugging in more modules.


The upcoming 4x28G Error Detector will be released later this year in the same form factor and price range.









14G single channel and parallel testing for 16GFC, Infiniband FDR, QSFP, AOC, CFP, CXP and more

Luceo announced the availability of the only reasonable 14G BER test system. It has configurable channel count from 1 to 4, 10, 12, 24 or whatever is needed. It can be combined with all other functional modules in the PARALLEX® system.


The latest BERT consists of 2 modules:

Electrical Pattern Generator (click for details)
Electrical Error Detector (click for details)


X-BERT: Single channel BERT with multiple functions (1Gbps - 14.4Gbps)

Smart all-rounder BER Tester


Cost effective BER Tester
Configurable Bit Error Rate Tester with a intuitive and sophisticated graphical user interface. Multiple functional modules around BER testing such as Optical sources, XFP/SFP slot, CDR, Optical Powermeter, Variable optical attenuator, Clock sources and Phase shifters provide a flexible and adequate BER TEST Set.
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PARALLEX: parallel multi-channel BERT

Multi Channel BER Tester

Multi Channel BERT

For any parallel BIT ERROR TEST's

Any required channel count for 40GBASE (4x10G), 100GBASE (10x10G), Infiniband QDR 120G (12x10G), Infiniband FDR 12x14.1G for AOC (Active Optical Cable), QSFP, CFP, CXP. Phase shifting module allows for alignment of multiple BERT Channels e.g. for cross talk measurement. Each Bit Error Rate Tester module is able to display errored ones and zeros to adjust FEC thresholds.
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Luceo Tec. - BER TESTER, BERT Equipment, Multilane BERT, BER Tester for XFP, SFP+, QSFP, CFP, CXP, CFP2. Modular Bit Error rate tester, Multi-channel BERT, BER test equipment, Clock Source, Clock recovery, optical power meter